1. Bronz’Express Tinted SELF TANNING Lotion 100ml (RETAIL €15.95 )

This self-tan has been a best seller and favourite since it came on the market in 1960. Its continued success, some 50+ years later is due to its unique and unchanged formula since it was first created by Academie Scientifique Paris. The tinted formula makes application easy, it dries in about a minute , turns out streak free and has no nasty odours. The tan is instant, natural looking and even and lasts for about 4 days. A real hero product.


From Beverly Hills the Billion Dollar Brow Universal Brow Pencil takes the guesswork out of choosing the right brow pencil colour for you. This self sharpening pencil with blending spoolie-brush at the opposite end, goes on smoothly to give a natural, even look to the brow. One colour that suits all hair colours and skin tones makes party prep simple! A couple of brush strokes with the Billion Dollar Brow Universal Brow Pencil can dramatically improve the natural appearance of your brow, a makeup bag essential.

3. ACADEMIE INSTANT RADIANCE BOOSTER AMPOULE (retails at €15 for a packet of 3 )

Your skin reflects your way of life- late nights and stress can effect the appearance of your skin. Now thanks to Académie Instant Radiance Booster Ampoule you can reverse the signs of fatigue and bring back radiance. Ideal for special occasions to keep make-up fixed and for when your skin needs an instant lift, perhaps the morning after the night before! This genius product brings back radiance and luminosity to the complexion meaning it’s the ideal hangover hider and makes makeup last the day.

How best to apply this product: Pour the first half of the ampoule into the palm of the hand and apply to a perfectly cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Make it penetrate with light tapping motions. Apply day cream suited to skin type. Mix the second half of the ampoule with foundation. Spread over the skin immediately.

Result: signs of fatigue are reduced, the face looks rested.

Fixes make-up

Prolongs its hold

Brings back radiance to the complexion


Want lips like Angelina for that mistletoe moment? The Instant Effects Lip Plumper gives lips that bee-stung look. It promises a 97% improvement in colour and definition in just 2 minutes. Instant Effects Instant Lip is an advanced anti-ageing lip serum that will instantly hydrate the lips for up to 12 hours defining the lip and cupid’s bow. It’s time to ditch the dull lip balm and invest in a little more lip-science to keep them looking younger, fresher and plumper.


Jessica Phenom Vivid Colour offers an revolutionary polish that gives a gel-like shine and lasts up to 10 days. Phenom dries quickly in natural light without the need to cure it and protects the nails from damage. It is removed easily just like a normal polish, offering a quick three-step easy solution for when you don’t have time to hit the nail salon. The best part is there’s 56 Vivid Colours to choose from, a different colour for every Christmas party you go to! Try Jessica Red, a vivacious rouge that will scream attention for all the right reasons. It’s fast, it lasts and it shines! Truely a nail hero.