Creative make-up applications have become the newest way to look amazing at Halloween, and with the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram, sharing unique make-up looks has become a major trend this season.

Thanks to Pennys, it’s now become simple to create the kind of looks only professional make-up artists would have attempted with their simple and affordable palettes.

Their new Fright Club make-up kits, costing only €10, include everything from mindless mermaid zombies to sparkling skulls, containing everything you need in one sleek kit.
Here are three of our favorite looks.

Gothic Beauty

Step 1: Use a toothbrush coated in hairspray to direct and set your stray baby hairs.

Step 2: Brush the brows upward, and fill. Go with a brow pencil one shade darker than usual.

Step 3:Sweep your finger – or a brush – through black eyeshadow, and apply to eyelids. Blend to achieve a smoky look.

Step 4: Accentuate your look with lashings of liner, and a slick of lip lacquer.

Pucker up galdem – whether you’re headed to a black-tie soirée or a Halloween house party, this decadent look will get you straight on the guest list.

Glamorous Ghoul

Step one: Begin by painting one half of your face white Apply the face paint with a makeup sponde and blend carefully. Leave one eye bare and create a smoky eye on the right hand side on your face. Add a white or silver highlight clouse to the tear duct to add drama.

Step two: Followinf the guide outlined here, carefully block in areas of black, paying special attention to the mouth and eye area. Fine detail around the mouth is best applied with a fine make-up brush.

Step three: Now for the fun but, add a selection of sparkling gems around the eyes, mouth and cheekbone areas.

Step four:  Complete the look by adding a dramatic red lip to the right hand side of the face for the ultimate in gothic glamour!

Mermaid Zombie

Step one: Begin by sweeping the silver blue and turquoise tones across your cheekbones; use a lighter shade on the cheekbone and a darker tone where the natural shadow would fall.  For the eye area, create an arc sweeping over the brow bone towards the edge on your hairline.

Step two: Create interest by adding black eyeliner across your water-line. Then add a soft grey eyeshadow across your crease line , sweeping and blending in an upwards motion. A pop of baby pink lipstick completes the look.

Step three: Adorn with turquoise jewels for a dramatic statement.