IMAGE: Brown Thomas

As the season’s change in the winter months come drawing in, most of us will be exchanging our flip-flops for warm boots. However, fashion does not need to be relinquished just because you are exchanging your shoes for something that is warmer and has more support.

You will find that there are numerous fabulous winter boots available to keep you on trend . However, there are certain qualities that make a boot fashionable. To be on trend with boots fashion for 2017, a boot should have the right material, color, length, and should be worn the proper way.


There are numerous shades to pick from this season. At this point the majority of popular colours are the standard brown/tan, creme, and black. Nevertheless, the softer type of colours are also very popular in boots fashion; such as purple, blue, and pink. Embroidered , metallic and sequin styles are also popular this year.

Satin Point Boot, €19 Penneys 


Right now the knee-length and ankle-length boots are very popular and in style. Typically ankle-length boots are more comfortable to wear with any type of pants.

Ways to Wear Them:

One of the most popular ways to wear boots is typically over jeans. One of the advantages of this is that it keeps you very warm when you are skipping through puddles. Boots can pretty much go with any fashionable piece of clothing. Nevertheless, if you mix them with the wrong types of clothes, you may get the proportions wrong, so it’s important to know what kind of style suits you and your body shape.

IMAGE: Brown Thomas

The Key Styles

The Shoe Boot or ‘Shoot’ as it has been christened it one of the easiest styles to wear. The shoe-boot is this season’s “it” accessory. To qualify as a shoe-boot, it must end well below ankle-sock level, the top must be higher at the back than the front and it should trace a line under the anklebone. The heel should be as high as you can manage. These shoes mean business and are great for the office. Under trousers, the shoe-boot gives you all the benefits of a heeled boot without the drawbacks. You’ll be taller but have no bulge in the shin area.

Littlewoods Ireland ,Real Suede V Cut Heeled Shoe Boot- Blush, 50.00

* Adds height and reduces large shins.


Here’s some good news – the gods of fashion are favoring us this season with a high fashion trend that women can actually wear. Introducing every girl’s new best friend: the biker boot. Already a favourite with stylish celebrities, biker boots are both practical and versatile. Not since ballet pumps were reintroduced has fashion made such sweet (and oh so comfortable) sense.

This season they’re re-imagined in a variety of styles and colours with suede, velvet and classic leather variations.  An ankle-length pair will look great with thick tights and a sloppy sweater dress or worn over a pair of jeans. If your wardrobe is still packed with tea dresses from last season, opt for knee-high to update the summer’s girly trend.

Office, Red Velvet ALABAMA €99.00

* Great for disguising thick ankles.


Teamed with bare legs, thick tights or peg-leg trousers, ankle boots were the definitive choice of the front-row crowd at London fashion week. Edgier than a knee-high, not as formal as a stiletto, it’s the footwear for those who want to channel a little rock chick into an everyday ensemble. They come in all shapes and styles – modernist at New Look, embroidered at Wallis.

Office , APPLETON, 70.00

* These are best suited to girls with longer pins as they trend to shorten the legs.


Casual or dressy, flat or heeled, a pair of tall boots is one of the most versatile footwear items you can have in your wardrobe.

By tall boots, I’m mostly referring to those that are over the knee, but most of the following tips will apply to styles that fall between a few inches below your knees to a few inches above your knees.

While many boot styles will work with the outfits I’ve listed below, simple, classic styles are far more flexible simple black knee-high boot will work with those jeans, as well as just about everything else in your closet. A skirt that is long enough to cover the top of your boots is one of the most flattering items you can pair with tall boots.

New Look, Black Peep Toe Lace Up Over The Knee Boots €59.99

*A pair of long black boots has a slimming effect on the legs.


Kate Middleton’s favourite – the knee high boot- is a wardrobe essential. It does not matter if you are wearing a short or a long skirt; knee high boots are always the thing that you should wear to them. If you decide to go with a short skirt, your legs will remain warm, and the boots will hide all the little flaws, that you always see on your legs.

On the other hand, if you have knee boots with at least a small heel, they change the appearance of your legs, making them look smoother, skinnier and more muscularOf course, if you are not a fan of skirts, it is a great idea, to use the boot with your regular jeans. Tuck them into the boot, and they will again show your feminine side.

Be careful when you pick out the jeans that you are going to wear with the knee boots because they need to be as your second skin. If they are too loose, then we see something that is called the “balloon” effect, when the jeans get stuffed together just at the end of the boot. Not a great look girls.

Miss Selfridge ,XMAS Black & Silver Sequin Knee High Boots,  €78.00

* Knee highs are great at disguising bulky calves; just make sure that you buy a style with an elasticated side to allow easy fit and comfort.