I’ve no one but myself to blame for the damage ten years has done to my hair. Since my ‘emo’ days when I was fourteen, I’d been using the same Remington hair straightener to banish any natural waves from my hair in attempt to get long, straight, Russian-like hair.

While I was in love with my straightener, I could never master either a healthy-looking straight hairdo or even hold a curl. So this year, when my straightener finally said goodbye with a huff and a puff and a buzz in the wire, I decided it was time for something new.

Why was I scared to part from my beloved, average straightener? I firmly believe that styling tools work at their best when they’ve got quite a hefty price tag, and for years I simply put my money aside for other things and not a new styler.I entirely this regret now, as my hair became badly damaged over the years due my hot iron addiction.

This brings me to my discovery of the incredible new Instyler, a favorite of beauty bloggers and gurus including Chloe Boucher. I don’t know how I lived without it- it’s both a straightener and a curling tong that works at a sensational speed!

The Instyler clasps the strand of hair with a built-in straightening brush and a rotating heated polishing cylinder. The ionic bristles of the brush separate each strand of hair to prevent frizz while the rotating heated polishing cylinder smoothes, polishes and styles each strand, leaving you with healthy-looking, silky and shiny hair.

The Instyler doesn’t bake your hair like many of your average straighteners/curling tongs on the market. It actually uses less heat than traditional hot styling tools, and its maximum temperature is 200, which allows effortless but non-damaging styling.

The heat works with the motion of the rotating polishing cylinder to care for each strand of hair so that your hair isn’t left crushed, but is left bouncy and shiny. Its innovative 2-way rotation technology means you can change the barrel rotation according to the natural direction of your hair growth, meaning you don’t have to change hands or the position of the Instyler.

The Instyler is best worked with slowly, but that said, it still styles the hair much quicker than other styling tools. It pretty much does all of the work for you at a convenient pace, meaning you can get up and go a lot faster than you normally would with any other styling tool- especially as it only takes thirty seconds to heat up!

My favourite style to achieve with the Instyler is straight, curled inwards look. To achieve this, I simply roll the Instyler down each strand of hair slowly to then curl inwards at the end. This has become my go-to hairdo as it’s so quick and easy, but still sophisticated enough for work and glamorous enough for a night out.

www.instyler.ie have an array of different types of Instyler tools to suit your styling preferences and needs, though my recommendation is the Instyler Max which retails for a very reasonable €99.00.