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This season red hair is back with a bang and brands from Revlon to Aveda and Loreal are offering some wonderful shades encompassing everything from russet red to burnt umber. And while you can go to a salon to get a new look – there’s plenty of great colour options if you want to try a dramatic new shade at home.

Copper and Deep Red Hair: Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Creme.

Copper and Deep Red Hair: Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Creme
Copper hair has truly made its mark as the colour of the season for A/W. We are seeing it everywhere from the red carpet, to fashion shows and even in celebrity culture as Jesy Nelson from Little Mix has even experimented with the colour.

There are various shades of copper and red that you could opt from if you desire a warmer braver colour for the colder months.

Some of the best products for maintaining a bright colour are Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Creme (most people call it Colour Bomb), which is a deep conditioning hair mask that preserves and adds colour between salon visits. It’s a must have for every wannabe red head out there. There are 15 shades to choose from, from black to platinum.

They are sold at most reputable salons, and most hairdressers will recommend this brand even if their own salon doesn’t sell.

It comes with a handy pump that allows you to disperse as much product as needed, you apply to clean, damp hair and comb through, let it sit for around 3 minutes and rinse out. If you opt for a coloured product, please be aware that you need gloves and old towels for this process.

Terrisales also sell this product, as does Hairspray in Ballymount and the usual retail price is €23.99 for the 250ml.

Fake Freckles

If you have freckles, then ditch the full coverage foundation because freckles are on trend this season. So much so, that fake drawn on freckles are being seen everywhere at the moment.

If you want to achieve this look yourself, the easiest ways to do it are to use eyebrow products such as a brow pencil or a brow pomade a touch lighter than you use on your brows.

Wet’N’Wild Colour Icon Brow Pencil

If using a brow pencil, use one that you can sharpen such as Wet’N’Wild Colour Icon Brow Pencil. This pencil is a little over €2 and perfect for the job at hand. The reason you want one that you can sharpen is: you will achieve different shapes of freckles as the pencil becomes blunt while in use. Fake freckles are very easy to achieve, but also very easy to get wrong. Here are some steps to using a pencil for flawless freckles:

Step 1: Apply foundation but don’t powder just yet.

Step 2: Gently dot fake freckles along the bridge of your nose and over your cheeks, use more pressure and a little ‘twist’ now and then to give a slightly darker and larger freckle. This will look more natural than an even scattering of neat freckles.

Step 3: If any freckles need it, you can bounce your beauty blender or foundation brush over the freckles to lightly blend them or soften them.

Step 4: Use a light dusting of setting powder to seal them in.

Image Aveda Professional

Inglot Duraline

If you haven’t already bought Duraline by Inglot, this is yet another reason why you need it. Duraline is a mixing medium that transforms dried out lipsticks, eyeshadows into liquid liners, dried up gels and also helps to stick pigment down to the lid. It’s only €12, and you need a drop at most to use in your brow gel to thin it out.

If you want to use a brow gel to create fake freckles, you need a mixing medium to thin the gel or pomade consistency out to a sheer coverage, or else they will end up looking really fake.

Simply drop Duraline directly into your brow gel, mix gently with a pointed liner brush and dot onto the areas you desire your fake freckles. While the product is still damp, gently pat with your finger to soften the edges and create a natural look. You don’t need setting powder with this product. It dries matte and waterproof.

Available online from www.inglot.ie or in stores nationwide.

Dewy Skin

Forget matte skin; it’s all about glowing luminous skin this season. The easiest way to update your makeup bag without having to change all of your products is to use a dewy setting spray such as NYX’s Dewy Setting Spray.

This amazing product is only €10 and gives the most stunning, youthful and healthy looking skin. Simply apply your makeup as normal, and at the very end give a liberal spritz of this fixing spray to have a healthy looking glow.


It is available in both a Matte Finish and a Dewy Finish, and if you haven’t heard of the Dewy version – you have heard of the Matte version which went viral after one customers review on it described the product as lasting through being hit by a car.


This is available in pharmacies nationwide or Arnotts.

Feathered Brows

Benefits Precisely My Brow Pencil

Instagram Sharpie style brows are so last season, bushy, grown out brows with a neat underside are this seasons newest craze!

I caught up with Benefit’s National Brow Artist Katie Tiernan for her top tips to achieving this look:

“Super wearable & super achievable! It’s all about that brushed up brow.
Create hair like strokes with Precisely My Brow Pencil.
Then set those bohemian style brows with our Clear 24hr Setter!
In minutes you have got those catwalk brows you never dreamed of trying!”

Berry Bitten Lips

 Benefit Gogo Tint Cheek and Lip Tint

Benefit Gogo Tint Cheek and Lip Tint

This season son is all about berry bitten lip stains. The biggest brand for lip and cheek stains is Benefit, and they are ahead of the game this season with their new Gogo Tint which is a cherry toned tint that can be applied to the lips and the cheeks.

You can use this product on its own, or mix it with a lip balm or lipstick to amplify the look.

They are also available in miniature versions so you can try them out before buying the full sized product.

Full size is €34.50

Lead Image : Aveda Professional