It’s that time of the year when those crisp Autumn & Winter wedding invites start flooding in through the door leaving us with some serious wardrobe conundrums to answer. Not only does the unpredictable Irish weather pose a threat to whatever outfit we choose for the big day but now the trendy bride is opting for a glamorous multi dress (not for us thankfully) and multi occasion wedding leaving us a little bit more stressed than usual.

When it comes to picking out the perfect outfit that’s stylish, suitable, sexy, won’t upstage the bride and more importantly which you can wear more than once, attending a wedding has for some become something of an art form and unavoidable wardrobe dilemma for the rest of us mere mortals. With all of this to consider, we mustn’t forget the traditional unspoken wedding guest rules that all must abide by.

1. Don’t wear white, cream or ivory, in fact, stay away from this shade completely unless you want to find yourself surrounded by a group of angry bridesmaids who will come shrieking at you with the apoplectic nature of Oz’s flying monkeys.

2. Do not wear anything too revealing or a hat so wide or tall it would block the view of the person behind you.

3.Lastly, pay attention to the dress code. Do not turn up in denim or anything deemed casual. The bride and groom have put effort into this day so should you.

Keep in mind that Autumn & Winter weddings not only offer some beautiful instagramable backdrops but they also give us a chance to switch to heavier fabrics, textures, and colours. While many of this year’s SS17 colors will still work. During this time of the year allow yourself to give way to longer sleeves, rich jeweled tones, and prints that resonate with the changes of the season. 

Now that the do’s and don’ts have been established, we’ve put together a selection of wedding guest attire and accessories using this AW17’s hottest trends to ensure you look every bit as lovely as the lucky bride (well, almost) for a truly picture-perfect day…