The contrast in flavours between the earthy beetroot, creamy feta and crunchy walnut makes this the ultimate healthy salad.

Packed with colour, flavour and antioxidants, this simple salad lets the gentle sweetness of the beetroot shine through.The flavour is elevated by the earthy walnuts and the creaminess of feta cheese to make for a winning combination.

It’s also a great vegan main course which can be served with crusty sourdough for a fresh, summery meal. It  also works well with grilled chicken or oily fish and keeps well as a salad for lunch boxes –

Beetroot Salad with Fresh Rocket & Feta :

Servings: 1 bowl
150 g 5oz baby spinach or rocket (arugula)

Handful fresh basil leaves.

Handful fresh mint leaves

Ingredients: Three beetroot pieces chopped. If you’re in a hurry, canned beetroots would be perfectly fine.

Feta cheese diced. This dish can be served with goats cheese as an alternative.

8-10 Walnuts


 2½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil.

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar (ordinary, not aged or glazed).

1 tablespoon of maple syrup.

½ tsp salt & black pepper.

Combine the Dressing ingredients in a jam jar, and shake well.


Thinly slice the beetroot and scatter it over a large plate so that they remain the star of the salad and get their moment in the sun.

Lightly toast the walnuts in a dry pan, and prepare the feta by crumbling into small chunks.

Mix all the salad ingredients

Add the salad dressing when you want to eat the salad.