From blood facials to Botox, celebrity skin care trends are all the rage. Beauty columnist Ailsha tried the new Venus Freeze Facial treatment from the new Medispa range at the renowned Buff Day Spa.

So what’s the verdict?

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne swears by this treatment.

The new Venus Free treatment boasts an impressive celebrity clientele, with the likes of Cara Delevigne swearing by the new technology for her glowing complexion. The non-invasive treatment helps to reduce cellulite, tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles with its combination of two scientifically-proven forces; Radio Frequency and Magnetic Fields.

The Radio Frequency heats up the skin, speeding up the healing response deep within the epidermis to form new collagen and elasticin, while the Magnetic Fields increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, giving it a beautiful, flushed glow by bringing the blood to the surface.

The effects of this treatment are very long-lasting and it’s recommended to complete courses of Venus Freeze alongside botox.

With all the exciting hype over this new technology, I was invited by The Buff Day Spa to to see what all the fuss was about. This renowned spa is located amidst the hustle and bustle of Dublin City Centre. Its secretive location is above the hilarious Fun Palace, opposite St. Stephens Green shopping centre.

As I walked up the stairs towards the reception area, I heard the sound of busy city life gradually disappear behind me, and instead, my ears began to fill with the beautiful wave of soft strings and calming choir vocals.

I was greeted kindly by the staff who presented me with numerous client consultation and allergy forms. The more forms I went through, the more nervous I became, and as my knowledge of the treatment was very narrow, I began to feel like I actually didn’t realise what I had signed myself up for.

At the age of twenty three I was not expecting an extreme difference in my skin after the treatment. However, despite the pitted feeling I had in my stomach, I went into the treatment room fille with optimism

I was introduced to the Venus Freeze expert, Leah Peachy, who calmly talked me through the procedure. She prepared for the treatment as she lay me down on the comfortable treatment bed. Smearing a warm gel with the consistency of petroleum jelly on my face and neck, Leah warned me that I was going to feel a lot of heat from the star of the show- the Venus Freeze machine.

“People describe it as being like having a hot stone massage,” the friendly brunette  said as she brought the radiating metal-gripped roller to my skin. It wasn’t as hot as I’d been expecting it to be, it was actually very soothing instead. Leah explained that throughout the treatment she would be checking my temperature with a thermometer to make sure I wasn’t overheating.

 Being a sufferer of anxiety and being a severe hypochondriac, I began to panic about this and started asking questions like “is this a safe procedure?” and “is it not dangerous to bring the body temperature up?”

Leah’s reassuring responses proved her to be a natural at encouraging the client to relax. She explained that in order for the treatment to speed up the production of collagen and elasticin in the skin, the body must be heated to a temperature ranging from the late thirty degrees to forty degrees. This gets the body into a state called ketosis.

In the end, I actually really enjoyed the treatment. Not only was Leah a treat of a therapist to spend time with, but the treatment itself relaxed me so much that I was ready for bed afterwards!

The End Result?

My skin was glowing and flushed with life, my forehead was noticeably tighter and the appearance of my smile lines had decreased. I couldn’t believe the effect it had on my twenty-three year-old skin! Of course, my skin was red in areas after the treatment, but this gradually disappeared after about an hour.

The Buff Day Spa recommend doing a course of eight treatments for the face and a course of ten treatments for an area on the body to get the most out of this amazing new technology.

Face: €95
Course of 8 €570 (Buy 6 get 2 free)
Eyes only/Hands: €69

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