Jennifer Rock AKA ‘The Skin Nerd ‘ is an esteemed and sought-after skin care expert loved by celebrities, editors, bloggers and beauty obsessives everywhere.

Here, she chats to Magpie’s Lauren Malone -about building a business she loves – plus she shares her tips for silky, smooth skin.

Entrepeneur and Innovator

The 32-year-old Dublin based entrepreneur knows that great skin is rarely achieved with a “one size fits all” viewpoint. This led her to set up an innovative new business after 12 years of hard work in the beauty Industry – where she had established herself as an expert, an international lecturer and award winning skincare provider.

Her first venture was ‘The Cleanse Off Mitt’, and it was from here that people sat up and recognised the savvy brunette as a force to be reckoned with. The mitt was invented to provide an eco-friendly and skin-respectful alternative to the evil villain that is the baby wipe.

Jennifer Rock ( pictured Left)

After two years of research, Jennifer discovered the perfect hero for the battle against baby wipes. With the use of fibres 30 times thinner than cotton fibres, Jennifer created a make-up removing facecloth which is covered in tiny loops. The loops break the surface tension that bind oil and makeup to the skin’s surface, hooking the oil and removing the debris.’

This can be purchased Nationwide in salons, clinics and pharmacies for  the very reasonable price of €5.95

The Nerdettes

If you’ve ever tried to buy a cosmeceutical product online before, you will probably realise that it is incredibly hard to get your hands on the top brands without physically entering a salon or clinic, and this is a niche area that Jennifer decided to capitalise on.

Offering one singular product range and tailoring every person’s needs with an online shop that they can buy from – in their pyjamas if they so wish – was her next venture.

This second business works as an online consultancy. ” It offers unbiased impartial advice via a what’s app video / Skype or face time consultation following a 5-page form detailing your skin goals and health to date, ” Jennifer explains.

Jennifer Rock Instagram

“The client is educated in a way like no other online business offers advice and a link is sent with details of the specific products recommended by the Nerdettes.’Some of the extensive product lines she endorses and sells via her skincare plans are IMAGE Skincare, Environ and Fushcia Mineral Makeup.

‘A consult is paramount – otherwise, it’s fruitless and somewhat pointless to use skincare that is ideal for someone other than your skin! Skincare and its needs are personal, ” Jennifer continues.

“The link is then the clients own private department store where they can purchase at their leisure.The products are delivered within days. Homework sheets and nerd diaries are emailed to the client listing precisely how to use each product, how much and in what order. ‘

The ‘Nerdettes’ she speaks of are her team of highly trained skincare experts. A consultation with one of the Nerdettes will cost you an affordable €50 – but beware – the waiting list is currently a long one, as the team have completely sold out of consultations. Luckily, they have a cancellation list available!

 Building a Brand Via Social Media

Internet culture, paired with the prominence of social media networks, was one of the keys to Jennifer’s success and it was social media that she credits her rise to fame.

‘A few friends decided to tell me that if I posted one more work related picture on my personal Facebook page, they’d delete! That was the start of the Skin Nerd FB page, and then Snapchat, Instagram and the fun began there. As I continued my eduction as a hobby, but in a more light-hearted manner to thousands daily!’

Celebrity Clients

Behind every celebrity’s glowing complexion is a top esthetician and Jennifer also treats the skin of Ireland’s leading celebrities and bloggers such as Rosanna Davidson (former Miss Universe), Chloe Boucher (The Face of Rimmel) and Erika Fox (from Retro Flame) to name but a few.

The Skin Nerd also collaborates on many major events with the likes of Pippa O’Connor on her often sold out ‘Pippa’s Fashion Factory’ tours offering advice. I ask her if she feels pressure to look ‘flawless’ as a result of being in the spotlight.

“Yes and no,” she answers with a smile. “I’m not a blogger, so that removes certain pressures. I eat well and follow a religious skincare regime to offer my skin the ingredients it needs for longterm health.

Jennifer pictured with son Matt

I also know that stress and medication impact my skins condition and I am comfortable being a human – not a model or an Instagram filter! But being human also means you are down at times, so yes, of course, I’m aware, but I don’t let it override and overrule my thoughts.’

Juggling it All

The level headed beauty is also mother to 13-year-old Matt who is luckily at an age “where he is out and about with friends, which gives me slightly more flexibility than when he was a toddler. But ultimately everyone has a juggle. It’s a matter of learning to stop, smile and reflect!“ Which is just as well, as she often works an exhausting 70-hour-week to balance both of her businesses!

I asked Jennifer what her thoughts on Botox and cosmetic procedures are, she replied: “It’s a personal choice, it’s worth noting that is only paralysing the muscle- it doesn’t affect the skins health.”

But she continued and advised anyone who wants to opt for it to “research it and ensure you get it done by a frequent practitioner, by that I mean someone who specialises in aesthetics, as opposed to a doctor or dentist who does it once a week as an added revenue stream.“

The Dublin native offered some of her best advice to our Magpie readers looking to treat their skin from home:

* Simply eat well
* Apply vitamin A topically
* Wear SPF Hail, Rain and Shine