Pretty Eccentric ,Ada Floral Dress , €234.68

They had to endure rationing, having no bananas and Vera Lynn on the radio, but if there was one blessing for women in the 1940s, it was fashion. In the history of couture, very few epochs can match the newness and style of the post-war period.

With problems in sourcing high-quality materials, style had to come from another place. Design, cut and detail became a preference, and the current trend amongst today’s designers to take inspiration from the decade is a testament to its lasting legacy of style.

Pretty Eccentric, Mimi Deco Dress, €188.86 

Talk of ‘austerity chic’ was de rigueur in the 1940s, and ‘make do and mend’ was the saying of the day. But it’s not just the philosophy of the decade that is suddenly relevant again – it’s also the clothes and accessories.

Straight out of a noir film, the retro look – featuring sleek skirt suits and elegant dresses paired with peep-toe pumps and slingbacks – embodies the elegance of the era. The key looks are fur collars, silk blouses, pencil skirts, pill box hats and the most delicate of tea and shift dresses.

Pretty Eccentric, Chloe Silk Dress, €234.68

But it’s in the detail, the accessories, that this romantic trend really comes into its own. If you like having fun completing a look with just the right finishing touch, then you’re going to love immersing yourself in this new style.

The essential rule to remember is to keep your accessories sweet and sophisticated. While your clothes may be vintage-looking, reminiscent of wartime glamour, your bag, shoes and jewellery need to be polished and sharp, for balance.

Pretty Eccentric, Iris Floral Dress, €188.86 

But there’s so much fun to be had in accessorising this look: leather driving gloves, for example, are back in style and red leather ones couldn’t be more fashionable. Bright, roomy tweed bags with wooden or metal frames will house all your essentials – or you could add a trilby for an unexpected twist.

Jewellery is also key, vintage pieces add that unusual and one, off look to your outfit; check out stores like Jenny Vander on Drury for beautiful pieces at a great price.

Pretty Eccentric, Mimi Stork Dress, 200.04

And, of course, no outfit is complete without a fantastic pair of shoes. For day, choose a pair with a good heel, blocked and tapered a peep toe and for evening, bring the look right up to date with a slim ankle strap heel, with a matching clutch bag in satin.

Groomed, neat and as sophisticated as a shaken Martini. Perfect for a night of Art Deco decadence. After all, you may be Forties-inspired, but there’s no need for rationing.

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