There isn’t a woman, man or child in the world that hasn’t worn denim. Whether it be your bootleg or skinny jeans or that favourite vintage denim jacket your mum lent you and you never gave back, there’s always a shelf in our wardrobe dedicated to the multitude of denim items that we own.

Though the must-have styles change from season to season, denim has been a linchpin of our wardrobes for decades.And while we can’t say that denim is on trend this season because let’s face it, it’s been in style for an eternity – there are plenty of fresh looks this summer. 

Here’s my pick of the latest shapes to hit the highstreet.


Red Bardot Top, €29.99. Lace up Denim Shorts €29.99 . Both at New Look

Denim hot pants are a thing of the past. (If they ever really were a thing?!) The loser fit, high waist denim are the ideal summer ensemble. Style them up with a belt and heels and dressy top for date night or keep it cool and casual like this off the shoulder Bardot top and some sneakers! A leather jacket or long kimono can be a nice finishing touch.


 Good Vibes Sequin Denim Jacket ,€44.00, at New Look

It’s all about the ‘good vibes’ with this over-sized sequin denim jacket. Girly and chic it’s the perfect go to for summer festivals and nights on the town. Keep it cute with white tee, skirt and some summer sandals.


Denim jacket, €44.99, at New Look 

Being Irish, white clothing either has to be avoided due to rain, muck and of course being destroyed in fake tan! But while the sun is out and before the natural tan fades, we need to take advantage of the many white and off-white outfit possibilities.

I adore this white denim jacket with silver buckles. It’s so casual and easy to style and let’s face it we all need to have a stylish jacket on us to ensure our outfits stay flawless!


Sequined Trucker Jacket €30. Straight Leg jeans €17.Sandals €6. All at Pennys

It’s an unwritten rule that the double the denim the double the fun. Old Britney Spears will back me on this one! Trust me. The celebrities started it and it’s followed on into a style inspiration and fashion craze.

Nonetheless, fashion isn’t as simple as pairing any two denim items you own together and hitting the town. No, no, the do’s and don’t’ need to be carefully viewed and taken into account in order for the right styling.

From Timberlake and Britney to Gigi and Bella, when getting the double denim right can be so right!

Pennys’ denim range has been successfully slaying recently and this trucker jacket and straight leg jeans are all the right ways to style double denim.

Keep the in-between basic and style with a plain white crop top or slogan tee. You will be street-style inspo instantly!