Kerrie Sheedy reports

Every girl loves shopping but when it comes to buying underwear a lot of us wince at the idea of spending our Saturday trying to choose the right size and style of bra to incorporate into our daily lives.

Full-cup, Demi, Padded and Plunged there are so many styles to choose from and according to Jessica Prebble lingerie extraordinaire, not all bras are created equal. “Bras are like shoes – the same style doesn’t fit all women and you wear different shoes for different occasions as you should bras. “

In case you haven’t heard of her, Jessica Prebble is one of the UK’s leading designers in lingerie and swimwear, having started her career as a fashion designer for a lingerie supplier to high street retailers such as Mark and Spencer and then starting her own freelance design consultancy.

Prebble has not only honed her craft but also worked on various high-profile campaigns for brands such as River Island, Disney and USA Pro.

Since then she has become one of the most sought-after Lingerie and swimwear designers in the UK not only has she set up three companies Starkers, Tutti Rouge and Rougette but Jessica has also been involved with campaigns with Ted Baker and the Knicker Queen Janie Schaffer.

Now creating stylish fun and flirty lingerie for D+ girls with her own brand Rougette and Tutti Rouge. Jessica has become an important figure in the lingerie industry being placed on the Top 50 Lingerie Power List of 2017.

Here, she shares her top tips for choosing the right bra and solving some of the biggest problems women have when shopping for lingerie.

KS:How often do people need to get fitted for a bra and how do you make a bra last longer?

  JP: Every 6 months and treat your bras with love and care! Take care of your bra and your bra will take care of you! Hand wash and never tumble dry!

KS:What’s the biggest mistake people make when buying a bra?

JP – The wrong size, especially back sizes that are too big.

KS:Should you wear a bra to bed?

JP: A soft bra is good for bed if you feel the need to wear one.

KS:What are your top tips for choosing the right bra?

JP: A major point number 1 is choosing a bra that makes you feel amazing! Number 2 making sure it fits! This could be a balconette for smaller boobs to give uplift or a non-padded moulded bra if you like a more natural look. The style is dependent on what you want from your bras 

KS: What’s the secret to finding a strapless bra that works?

JP:Making sure the bra fits around the back. The boobs need to be lofted to give shape. Try and avoid the ‘sausage’ effect!

KS:Are expensive bras better ?

JP: A good fitting bra can be any price. The more expensive the bra normally means the raw materials that have gone into the bra are expensive. This is not effecting the fit – just the way the bra looks to the eye

KS:There’s that bra myth or claim that wired bras are “bad for your health.” Is this true?

JP:This is not true if you get the correct fitting bra – again, it’s all about the fitting! A badly fitting bra can be uncomfortable. If the wires are too small they can dig into the breast tissue. If the back is too small you will get bulging and pinch, if too big then no support. The support of the bra comes from the under the band. Not the straps. The straps just help.  

KS:Do bras serve different functions?

JP:A wardrobe of bras is the ideal – depending on what style you like to wear it’s good to have a moulded bra for the smooth line t-shirt, these do not have to be plain. Our new Rougette brand has t-shirt bras that are dressed in meshes and lace that give smooth lines.

KS:What styles of bra should every woman own?

JP:A good cut and sew balconette or plunge are also wardrobe staples. A dressier bra if you want to feel that little bit more special is an essential –  treat your bra wardrobe as you treat your shoe wardrobe. 

KS: How do you tell if a bra fits well?

JP: It should be so comfortable you cannot feel it! Your posture feels better, no back ache, no digging in of wires, elastics. Strapping – it should make you feel good!