This week I discovered some new beauty obsessions that I can’t wait to share with you. From beautiful new eyeshadows from Inglot to the ultimate lip moisturiser, there is something in my Beauty Notebook to suit everyone!

Product Launch of the Week

I was lucky to attend Inglot’s new signature palette launch last week in NoLitas in Dublin. The night was incredible, consisting of delicious cocktails inspired by the palettes, to-die-for food and an array of stunning and talented makeup artists.

Each of the new signature palettes are made up of four colour-coordinated eyeshadows inspired by sweet delicacies; Candy, Honey, Berry and Coco. My personal favourite is Candy, with its acid-pop colours!

Inglot Signature Palettes, €32, available in Inglot stores nationwide.

Best Bodycare Product

If you’re looking for an innovative formula to enhance your body, Swiss Clinic have created their new Cryogen Body Serum. The serum is formulated with the latest active ingredients available on the market like Corallina, a derivative of the seaweed family that inhibits the growth of fat cells whilst you sleep and encourages fat burning while awake. The formula helps to reduce cellulite, scarring, stretch marks and fatty tissue.

Cryogen Body Serum, 78, available exclusively online at

Innovative Beauty Product

The Mary Kay lip oil is the ultimate tinted lip moisturiser! Infused with grapeseed, avocado and jojoba oils, this glossy lip oil conditions lips by quenching them with moisture. The colours are spectacular and vibrant while the formula stays put for hours. Since I’ve discovered this product, there hasn’t been a night where I have not worn the lip oil to bed. I am obsessed!

Mary Kay Lip Oil, €13.57, available at

Offbeat Beauty Buy

Monaco based Naomi’s Kitchen has created an array of powerful antioxidant blends made from a new trending ingredient: Adaptogens. This magical ingredient is a blend of super herbs that help your body adapt to stress while balancing all the levels in your body, producing collagen, providing the body with fatty acids, amino acids and protein.

The result? Gorgeous skin, a healthier body and a healthier mind. Definitely worth trying! I personally have mine in water every morning and use an electrical whizzer to make the concoction as smooth as possible (the blend is 100% organic, so it can be tricky to transform it into a smoothie) .

after using it for a week I have noticed I have a little more energy. What’s more, it actually has been killing my frequent sugar cravings. Win win!

Naomi’s Kitchen Superblends, €16.96 for 70g, available at

Makeup Product of the Week

There have been many brands I’ve only recently discovered, and Sara Hill is one of them. The gender neutral brand evokes products exploding with unique colours, enticing both men and women to use them.

One of my favourite products in the range are the lipsticks; not only do they all have amazing names (Caprio, Sadie Doll and Pink Truffle are but to name a few), they are one of the most moisturising lipsticks I’ve ever used.

They come in both satin and matte textures and are so unbelievably flattering and I never leave the house without one in my bag. The formula is infused with Shea Butter, Avocado, Jojoba, Vitamin A, C and E and is preservative free.

Sara Hill Lipsticks, €20.36, available at