Artistry Skincare have revolutionised skincare with their Hydra-V range of hydrating skincare products. They are extremely well known and sought after in the States, but relatively new here in Ireland, and I certainly had never heard of them before I was invited to meet Marie-Laure Baurel, their renowned skin expert, at a chichi launch in The Morrison Hotel.

I don’t know if it is just me, or if maybe everyone does this, but when I meet a ‘skincare expert’, I subconsciously stare at their complexion – hunting for signs on the face of the expert  – lying to me about the products they preach.

When I met the soft spoken and self-assured French woman, I honestly thought her skin was so beautiful and radiant. Her enthusiasm for the products she proudly showed to me and allowed me to handle and try out was infectious, the French accent making everything she said sound so very alluring.

Marie-Laure was surprised when I admitted that I wasn’t familiar with Artistry and assured me this would change, as these products are so well known in the USA and are used by celebrities such as Sandra Bullock.

This brand not only produces premium skincare to target all skin concerns, but they also have a stunning cosmetic range that are sold in sleek, professional black and gold packaging. Marie-Laure even pulled some of her personal makeup out of her handbag to show me the packaging on products that were not in the table before us.

Their lipgloss was the most impressive product in my opinion, as it came complete with a built in LED light inside the lid, which when you angle it right toward your mouth illuminates the entire area, and a mirror along the side of the product – simply genius for re -applying lipgloss on a night out where you have limited light sources but want precision.

Their skincare range is unisex and can be used (as well as are encouraged to be used!) by both men and women. Their focus for these Summer months is – Hydration. During these dryer Summer months, you guessed it, our skin dries out! We need to be hydrating our skin internally by drinking lots of water, but also we need to treat it topically with skincare products.

Artistry Hydra-V is a skincare experience unlike any you will ever have used on your skin before, it is actually proven to reduce skins temperature by a couple of degrees, and perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types (perfect for warm and thirsty skin after a sun holiday!).

It adds moisture to the skin for up to 24hours, and their star product, Artistry Hydra-V Vital Skin Serum delivers lightweight blue beads, which are suspended in the solution until applied on the skin. When these blue beads are applied to the skin, they burst to release a juicy fresh mix of vitamins A, C and E that will instantly refresh, hydrate and nourish your skin.

When I tried this product on the back of my hand it was cooling, quick to penetrate the skin and smelled gloriously refreshing. The difference in how the skin looked on the back of my two hands side by side was actually very startling, I didn’t realise how pruned and puckered my skin looked without the product until now!

These products are inspired by Nobel Prize winning research and they source their ingredients from the world’s most pristine places, like Norwegian Fjord water, Himalayan Pink Salt and Hawaiian Acai Berries ensuring your skin receives only the best. 

Prices start from 25 Euro and you can purchase them from