Are You Planning Your Wedding? Is the Pressure of Finding THE Dress Proving to be a Nightmare?

Are Most Dresses Way Beyond Your Budget? If You Are Uncertain About What to Choose, or Which Is the Best Style of Dress for Your Body — Here Are My Top Tips on Finding the Dress of Your Dreams.

Schedule your appointment early ideally in the morning with the Bridal Boutique – you should get the attention of an energetic, fresh wedding dress advisor and the store is likely to be less crowded

Focus on finding the best wedding dress silhouette for you. The style is personal; only you know what flatters you most so don’t worry too much about the trend of the moment, your only Bridal mission is to feel comfortable and look fabulous!

Details are important—a long row of teensy pearl buttons and a well-placed ruffle or two can mean the difference between a good wedding dress and a great one! Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Bon Prix  Boho Wedding dress €101.42

The reality is that you are likely to be scrutinised from head to toe by your Great Aunt Nora. However, most guests will be drawn to the top of your dress. Much of the wedding photos taken by people on your big day are from the waist up so spend a little more time thinking about neck lines, straps and waist detail and less time worrying about your Great Aunt Nora!

A wedding dress should be timeless – taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at your parent’s wedding album will remind you of that. Finding a dress that has both modern and traditional elements and makes you feel like a better version of yourself when you try it on means you may have just found your perfect gown!

In the words of Italian Fashion Designer ‘Giorgio Armani’ ‘Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.’

Little Mistress Pearl Chiffon Dress €190.52

In this era of smartphone mania and filters galore, make sure to bring your camera and get snap happy while wedding dress shopping (if the boutique allows it).

Photograph your dress possibilities instead of putting all your trust in the mirror. In the words of the legendary Cesar Romero ’The camera never lies’, but sometimes friends & family with deeply rooted guilt issues do .

Time is not money, in this case, it’s YOUR time so do try on as many wedding dresses as you need to. Sometimes you need to kiss many frogs to find your prince, and the same applies to finding the perfect dress that will make you a princess!

Try to resist snap judgment and go with what looks amazing on a hanger. Once you try it a dress on, it will undoubtedly take on a different shape and look, so it’s important you are happy with your mirrored self before you part with your well-earned wedding fund.

Lipsy Ava Wedding Dress  €247.94

Research your favourites: Find a bridal boutique that carries your top three designers and appeals to your style. Like any wise decision in life, Listen to your gut!

Select your bride tribe wisely! A healthy mix of honesty, flattery and fun is always good – Don’t feel like you need to bring an audience when you try on wedding dresses! Too many cooks etc. ……

Remember to wear a gorgeous bra when you’re trying on wedding dresses.On wedding dress try-on day, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your undies. Admiring your pretty new bra between dresses will make you feel much more positive than catching a glimpse of the ‘comfortable’, well-worn one you’ve had for years.

If you have time, pop into a store that has a bra fit specialist, or a lingerie shop, and get fitted for a new bra. You are going to be wearing a gorgeous dress on your wedding day, so compliment it by some beautiful undergarments – a match made in heaven!

Little Mistress Bridal campaign

No refunds! Just remember that most wedding dress and accessory sales require a deposit and sale is usually final. Once you get those butterflies and Say Yes to the Dress be prepared to commit all the way….just like a good marriage really.

Sizing: You’re on the countdown to your moment of glory, burning the diary entries on your @fitnesspal to be the vision of perfection on your wedding day, and then you try on a wedding dress that’s two or three sizes larger than your regular size….Don’t worry, this is normal!

It’s ok to make peace with that, and once you do, you can pay attention to how it looks and feels on you and let go of the label!

Dorothy Perkins Wedding dress €169.05

Alterations: Just bear in mind, the go-to guideline for choosing your dress is at least six months, so you have time for fittings, alterations before the big day….#dressdrama #nothankyou

My Wedding Dress Checklist! There are many questions to ask yourself and the boutique advisors when you are choosing the perfect dress – so channel you inner Queen of Questions and get asking:

Do I feel comfortable? Do I feel confident? Can I dance in this dress? Can I sit down? Is there room for a second helping of Wedding Cake? Am I self-conscious about any part of my body in this dress? Ticking the boxes on fashion, form and function say a lot for choosing the right dress!