My eyebrows have never been much to talk about, so when the experts at Benefit asked me if I would like to try one of their famous Brow Arch Service, I snapped that offer right up!

I am usually very particular with who I let do my brows, not because I have an amazing shape, but rather the opposite. I have sparse, over plucked and overall miserable looking brows – and it’s very easy to make them look worse than they are!

I need someone who knows what they are doing and takes their time with my brows, a perfectionist you might say.This is where I felt at complete ease with Katie Tiernan, Benefit Ireland’s National Brow Artist.

Katie is the leading brow artist within Benefit Ireland, and you will often see her on their Instagram page (@benefit_ire) where she shares her brow tips. Katie greeted me with warmth and a mega-watt smile, as if I was her best friend. The brow-expert showed me around the Fleet Street salon and store with beaming pride.

This store not only sells the entire range of Benefit goodies that we all know and love, but they also offer brow services, full body waxing, tanning and makeup applications. The salon is right in the heart of Dublin City Centre with huge voyeuristic windows, but it is incredibly private at the same time.

It is decorated in the typical Benefit vintage style but plays chart music, and the vibe inside is so positive and relaxing.

Katie began with a consultation, she asked me about my brows, how I like to style them, the colour I like and also what did I want to achieve. The Benebabe tested the brow wax on herself first, and proceeded to test it on me – this is to ensure you are comfortable with the temperature.

To ensure the shape was exactly what I wanted, and was completely in symmetry, I was asked to uncross my legs – and Katie measured them up using a precise brow measure. She marked out where she was going to remove hair from, and also showed me where she was going to leave hair (even my sparse hairs that are hanging on for dear life!).

Katie recommended that I use their product ‘BrowVo’ to encourage hair growth in these near-bald areas, and even showed me a photo of her OWN brows before she started using it herself. The Brow Artist compares it to using a hair treatment, or a face mask – you should be treating your brows the exact same way!

So, while we chatted away, Katie created a work of art tinting, waxing, tweezing and trimming my brows – and finished them off with a bespoke style using the Benefit Precisely My Brow and Boi-ing concealer.

Best of all – The Benebabe has been kind enough to share some of her secrets to creating some of her signature brow looks, so that you can recreate them yourself!


Super wearable & super achievable! It’s all about that brushed up brow.

Create hair like strokes with Precisely My Brow pencil.
Then set those bohemian style brows with their Clear 24hr Setter!

In minutes you have got those catwalk brows you never dreamed of trying!

Bold & Angular

Make those brows a work of ARCH, gorgeous!

Create a strong build of colour from start/arch/end.
Don’t forget to finish the look with High Brow to add that instant lift!


Want to look 18 again? Benefits straight brow style has got you covered.
Ditch those arches even for a day.

Using the gel Ka-Brow will camouflage any signs of an arch by simply filling it in.
Then add a coat of 3D Browtones.

There you have it, straight brows with subtle highlights giving that dreamy dimension.


Less is more right? Pare it back, keep it simple.

It’s all about creating clean fluid lines from start/arch/end with the likes of Goof Proof pencil.

This suits everyone & every brow!

Brow Arch Service is priced at €17.50

You can shop and book online at