With the sun announcing its presence to our often-shadowed country, it’s evident that summer has finally arrived. With a diverse array of new beauty trends and products to quench the thirst of a beauty fanatic, here are my weekly beauty finds to make sure to you look your most sizzling this month.

Best New Skincare Product:

Académíe’s Night Infusion Rose Cream is perfect to replenish the skin’s moisture on humid summer nights. Its formula is bursting with highly-concentrated ingredients including Rose de Mai, cypress and rose essential oils, mimosa essential wax, beech bud, blackcurrant and peach extract.

These powerful ingredients  help to detoxify, regenerate and brighten the skin while you sleep.The cream will leave you waking up to flawless skin and it is suitable for all skin types.



 Retails for €45.50 and is available at www.frenchbeautyroom.com

Innovative Beauty Product

CollaGin, the world’s first gin distilled with pure collagen. As a true Irish spirit, I am fond of the odd gargle. But in a world where alcohol can actually age you, imagine there was an alcohol that reversed the clock! That’s exactly what gintrepeneurs Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick in Oxford pursued, and achieved.

The gin contains a unique burst of eleven anti-ageing botanicals including star anise, pink grapefruit and orris, and the collagen distilled within the gin is from America’s number one collagen brand. Its elegant taste stays true to classic gin and its alcohol content is 40% per 50cl. I’ll definitely be trying this at the weekend!


Get it at www.drinksupermarket.com  or www.collagin.co.uk  for €40.05.

Offbeat Beauty Buy

For a gorgeous new summer scent, try Thomas Sabo’s brand new Eau de Karma fragrance. Inspired by Eastern life philosophies like yoga and meditation, the scent mimics a peaceful, inspiring lifestyle with complex notes.

Bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin and green tea give a sexy and clear quality to the fragrance, while rose, neroli and peach leave a trail of absolute femininity. Finished with the wooden notes of amber, musk and cedar wood, the fragrance is sure to addict not just you, but everyone around you!



The fragrance retails at €54.95 from selected partners and stores nationwide.

Best Bodycare Product

Ooh la la, with the summer sun on the loose, the bust area for many of us will be on show! Dr. Ceuticals Bust Boost is a modern formula to help you make your breasts look their best. The plant-based, lightweight, multi-active cream contains mangosteen and quince hydrogel to help firm and reshape the contours of the cleavage area, helping to make you feel your most confident this summer.


Available at Boots nationwide at €19.30.

Best At-Home Beauty Treatment

Say goodbye to muds and peel-offs, this season is all about sheet face masks! Image Skincare are known for their complex and concentrated formulas, and to help you recover from long nights partying and lazing about in the summer sun, they’ve created their new Bimolecular Hydrating Recovery Sheet Mask.

Having spent all last week frolicking at a festival, I can’t emphasise enough how amazing this mask felt as it replenished my dehydrated, exhausted skin when I was back home. Volcanic water, ginseng root extract, amino acids and antioxidants, red algae and carob tree work together to add radiance and moisture back into your skin through the easily-absorbed hydrogel sheet.


Available at www.imageskincare.com  at €52.50 for a pack of five masks.

Best Hair Product

Valmont’s Beautifying Hair Mist is a must-have this summer. With its unique Colour Pro3 complex, the formula protects the colour of your hair, promotes revitalisation of the cuticles and protects the hair fibres from oxidation. Copper DNA and glacial spring water hydrates and strengthens, and flaxseed oil restores nutrition. Perfect for protecting and repairing your hair from over-styling for summer parties and fun in the sun.


The mist retails at €98 and is available to buy at www.boutiquevalmont.com

Best New Makeup Product

Romantic Bear’s Long Lasting Lip Colour is a new innovative gloss with a unique formula. Its glossy gel texture dries on the lips to be peeled off, leaving behind a gorgeous stained colour on the lips, guaranteed to last all night!

The special formula contains moisturising and nourishing ingredients including vitamin E, reshape oil and aloe vera, but the textured appearance on the lips is matte. The stain can be worn on its own, underneath another lip colour to enhance it, or with a gloss on top.



Available for €9.73 at www.thisisbeautymart.com