It’s every woman’s goal to get a haircut that gets them noticed. No wonder women worldwide don’t mind spending that ‘little’ extra to get a ‘perfect’ style. Rossano Ferretti, the world’s most expensive hairdresser, who has just launched a revolutionary hair line called Vita., justifies spending big bucks on.

His celebrity client list boast big names such as Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Middleton – three women who arguably have the best hair in the industry.

The expert in all things hair boasts over 20 leading salons worldwide, in locations such as London, New York, Beijing and Dubai. He has also been featured on prestigious sites such as Vogue and Forbes.

The hair guru or ‘The King of the Cut’ as he known, is also creator of the world’s most achieve chop charging an eye-watering €1350 for a haircut. Ferretti has over 40 years experience in hairdressing and has worked alongside top luxury companies such as L’Oreal, so it is safe to say he knows a thing or two about hair!

Ferretti’s new hair care line Vita (Italian for ‘Life’ no less!) uses hyaluronic acid as its star component. Hyaluronic acid is traditionally used in many skincare lines and is not a cheap ingredient. The purpose of this element is to plump, as it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water.

It is naturally produced in the body and is actually the ingredient used in cosmetic lip fillers. It makes complete sense to use this ingredient in our hair as well as our skin to ensure it stays youthful and full!

The famous hair influencer has also omitted the traditional and harmful ingredients that we normally see in hair products, such as sulphates and parabens which will ensure a non-itchy or irritated scalp that encourages and stimulates hair growth

His products range from €48 to €95, which is a much more affordable cost than his patented personalised cutting style ‘ The Method’. Good to know that mere mortals, like myself, can afford a little of Ferretti’s magic but without the wallet numbing price tag.

The Vita line can be purchased from:


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