Millennials can’t win. If they treat themselves to a weekend getaway, nice clothes, or a new smartphone, they’re called irresponsible and people say things like “and you wonder why you can’t make rent.” If they are frugal, they are told: “you’re ruining the economy.”

Recently, Business Insider posted an article claiming that millennials and their love of Instagramming their food is the reason chain restaurants like Applebee’s and TGI Friday’s are failing. Other restaurants in the casual dining category have also faced declining sales.

The article claims that millennials are more likely to cook their own food, order delivery, and eat at fast-casual restaurants.Are millennials to blame? No, of course not.

Our eating habits have been changing. Restaurant food of the past is not vegan-friendly or very healthy. It’s full of sodium and very processed. People want healthy, delicious, fresh food with in season produce.

Obesity rates are rising and people are doing something about it by eating healthier. Bye-bye cheeseburgers and chips, hello quinoa salads and veggie wraps!

The recession taught us all that we need to save money and people have cut back on eating at restaurants. Fast casual restaurants have stepped up their game and they offer healthier options that people want at a good price.

With tutorial videos, it’s easier to learn life skills. I can’t scroll down my Facebook feed without seeing at least five recipe videos and it makes me want to cook.

Remember when your parents used to nag you about learning to cook and alter your own clothes? After some time living on your own, you’ve learnt to cook delicious and nutritious foods and learnt to hem trousers yourself all thanks to the internet. Or maybe you learnt from your parents.

If millennials are learning to cook, then how are they lazy?

Life is becoming faster paced because of smartphones. Uber are taking over taxis because the service is better. Delivery is convenient when you don’t have a car or when you’re tired after working a long day (to afford to pay the bills).

Millennials will spend money when they have it. They just have different priorities than their parents and they care about getting a good value from their purchase. The next generation will have different priorities than us.

I like to spend my money on travelling, vintage clothing, vinyl, and technology. My parents like to travel and go to restaurants and sporting events.

Companies need to change with the times or they will fail. That’s capitalism for you.


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