I’m not too sure about you, but along with my morning rituals of brushing my teeth, showering and consuming coffee as quickly as possible, I struggle on a daily with picking what to wear. No matter where I’m going, if I don’t have an outfit planned, I can be in a total hissy before leaving the house.My wardrobe staples are a lifesaver in these situations. They save the tears and tantrums and have me go about my day in a stylish and stress-free manner. Relief!

White Shirt

A classic! Every girl has one, if not 10! Under the white shirt category falls plain white tees and plain white long sleeved tops of course. I love pairing a white long sleeved top with jeans or colourful tailored trousers. Especially when I’m having the ‘nothing to wear’ catastrophe.

White shirt at Florence and Fred €20 at Tesco

Black Biker Jacket

I live by the motto ‘you can never have too many jackets.’ But you’d think for a girl who buys more jackets than she does lipsticks I’d always have a different one to wear. Sadly it just means I take an extra 10-15 minutes trying on 30 jackets before giving up and grabbing my black leather one. It always works! With EVERYTHING.

Studded Floral Leather Biker Jacket €110 at Miss Selfridge

Denim Jacket:
A key piece from the hip-hop 80’s era. A jacket that’s made more successful comebacks than Boyzone’s will ever be. With all the different styles there is now, you’re sure to find a suitable match for you.

Panelled Denim jacket €21 at Pennys

Barely-There Heels

The studded and colourful, chicer heels you can get are great and an excellent accessory. But when you don’t want to take away from an outfit or sometimes the simpler the better, a black pair of strappy barely-there heels are always in style and glamorous. They essentially match with everything too.

Orange Bow Caged Heels,€41, Miss Selfridge

Key Jewellery Piece:
For me, my watch always makes my outfits feel more dressed up. For some, it’s a necklace or their ring. An accessory like this can brighten and style up an outfit greatly.

Selection of jewellery by Folli Follie

Your Go-To Jeans

May they be mom jeans, white skinnies or cropped, flared and ripped to the max, every woman needs a go-to pair. They need to fit comfortably and the added bonus being they make your tush look good!

V by Very Jeans €39.99


They’re not only for hiding tired (hangover) eyes. There a key accessory and style staple.

Sunglasses €4 at Pennys.

A Leather Belt

I’ve never worn a belt for the purpose of holding up my jeans. I mean it helps of course, but the transformation my outfits go through when I add a belt is a groundbreaking almost. A brown or black leather belt with a good buckle is easy to find and adds all the difference.

Red Herring belt, €14.99 at Debenhams.

Little Black Dress

Yes, it’s not exactly a secret weapon, but it is practical to have one of these bad boys hanging in the closet! Something that flatters your figure and can leave you feeling confident and comfortable.

Black Spotty Floral Dress €79 at Miss Selfridge.