Fashion Editor, Eimear Everard, Offers Her Figure-Flattering Swimwear Tips to Look Confident on the Beach or by the Pool with Her Pick of the Best Bikini’s and Swimsuits.

Okay so summer came a bit too soon, and you didn’t quite get around to that new year’s resolution of going to the gym three days a week and a spin class on the weekend. It happens ! If you are one of the lucky women with a model’s figure, you probably have a jolly old time shopping for a bathing suit. Sadly, for the rest of us, it’s about as pleasant as a trip to the dentist.But no need to stress, there’s more ways than the Stairmaster to keep you looking fab on the beach. Here’s a few of my figure flattering tips.

Boost Your Assets: A padded top can work wonders also so don’t surpass the idea. A subtle boost and structured bikini to give a little boost. The triangle pattern is perfect for not leaving the attention to the lack of cleavage but the bikini print itself!

Shape and Support: For the bigger busted girls (I envy you!), cleavage can be something of a nuisance at times.Avoid string bikinis at all costs. There’s no practically for them. Go for the swimsuits with the cup size rather than S, M, L. Underwire in bikinis will offer support and assure minimum ‘spillage’.

Large Breasts:The blue textured stripe high waist bikini with a halter neck top is ideal for keeping that cleavage in place. The seaside stripe pattern is both poolside and beach babe perfection.

Stomach Control:This slimming swimsuit tankini with a fibre mesh panel and stretch-form fabric flatten sculpting tretch-that will tuck and in your stomach, ting and defining curves. The slimming front panel at the front will smooth out love handles.

Creating Curves: For those of the more compact, athletic body types, an illusion of curviness is defiantly attainable. Go for bright, printed swimsuits and more padded tops. The heart-shaped tops rather than straight across bandeaus.

Hiding Hips: I think everyone has a love/ hate relationship when it comes to love handles/ big hips. A typical hate one for many when bikini season arrives. Here’s where high-waisted two pieces come in. The higher, the better. Preferably above the belly button, giving you a more flattering shape, while enhancing your curves but preventing the dreaded ‘muffin top’.

Disguise a Big Belly:This is definitely a lot easier than most would imagine. Trust me! A full piece swimsuit can make you slimmer in an instant. A peplum style can completely hide any tummy pouch. Also, opt for a more plunging neckline to draw attention to the top of you rather than the middle of you.

Enhance a Slim Waist:I love this classic monochrome swimsuit by Seaspray. The stylish black belt detail draws the eye up to the waist and the dark colour also has a minimising effect. Wear with an oversized black sunhat for added drama.