Words: Ewa Pietrzak

Back in the flower power era of the 1960s, Californian band the Beach Boys sang a very uplifting song about ‘Picking up Good Vibrations’.Vibes or vibrations are the energy waves we send out to the universe. Positive thoughts bring about positive vibrations, which in turn attract like energy. If we are in a state of bad vibration, feeling bad in other words, then all we can expect is bad results.

Some days we feel amazing and can move mountains and other days we ‘get out of the wrong side of the bed’, which is an idiom for bad vibration. These days can turn into a rollercoaster of negativity and lack of productivity.

As human beings, we are each in charge of our own vibrations and our attitude. Learning how to control this is key to happiness and success. Good attracts good. Bad attracts bad. It’s simple.

Viennese neurologist Viktor Frankl spent years imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp. No matter what physical or psychological abuse he was subjected to, he had the ability to hold a positive picture on the screen of his mind. Frankl said ‘the ability to choose is the last of human freedoms. You can think anything you want to think’.

Attitude is a composite of thoughts, feelings and actions that control the vibration we send out to the universe. In order to manage our vibration, no matter what the circumstance we must be able to manage our thoughts.

For example, if I have a very long list of tasks to achieve over the course of a day, this can cause negative thoughts, which lead me to feel pressured. Basically, I can get into a bad vibration.

Now I have a choice. I can go down my old road of ‘poor me’ and feel stressed under the weight of the tasks ahead of me.Or, I can choose to ignore the negative gremlins and rethink the situation. I can have a little break and a chat with myself about how well everything is in my life and how things are going well for me today.

I come back to the list feeling capable and at ease.I have just changed my vibration from negative to positive and now I’m going to take my tasks step by step until they are done and enjoy ticking them off my list.Managing our attitude determines where we go in life and it’s the foundation for failure or success.

‘Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.’So as I keep humming ‘good good good good vibrations’, the picture in my mind is of flower power surfers having fun on a Californian beach and my mountain of tasks is like a big wave that I’m ready to catch and enjoy.


Exercises to help you manage your attitude and switch from negative to positive vibrations.

1.Pick a situation that is troubling you and on a sheet of paper, write your thoughts about the situation. Be honest and thorough, then ask yourself ‘Is this what I want?’

Now ask yourself what you do want.On another piece of paper describe in detail how you wish this situation to be ideally. Write in the present tense as if it is already done.

Burn, or discard the first piece of paper.Keep reading and revising your thoughts on the second sheet of paper.Now, close your eyes and visualise yourself in the situation as you wish it to be.

2.Get yourself a go-to song or playlist on your computer or phone that will lift your mood, anywhere or anytime.

3.Have an activity that you can do which puts you in good form. This could be anything from a run, swim, yoga or meditation to dancing and singing.More effective tips and tools to help you live a fulfilled and happy life can be obtained by attending one of Ewa’s seminars.


Success coach and motivational speaker Ewa Pietrzak is certified by Bob Proctor (The Secret) and provides one to one sessions, Thinking into Results training programmes and webinars. A Polish native, Ewa now lives in Dublin and works with clients all over the world to help them get what they want in life. Abundantresults.com