Are no makeup celebs making ordinary women feel unworthy?

Most of us are all aware of the no-makeup movement that is taking place. But not all of us feel like seconding it. You might be thinking, “Isn’t it just a Hollywood story?” In fact, yes. But it shouldn’t be. It’s easy for rich young women to have perfect skin from morning, noon and night. With perhaps a less stressful life than most, money to eat well and the ability to indulge in expensive skin treatments, all these things contribute to better-looking skin. But the rest of us don’t have this luxury.

Since Alicia Keys started the no-makeup movement, we’re seeing selfies of famous women such as Kim Kardashian, Adele or Beyoncé leading the same hashtag: #nomakeup. Oh, so this is a new trend? The contouring craze has now become the naked face. Again, the media, social networks and advertising aren’t playing in our, the regular skinned people, favour. Instead of telling us that we look pretty without makeup, they tell us how to look like them. What’s the point of tips on how to “Achieve Alicia Keys’ No Makeup Look”? She’s not wearing makeup, end of story.

The female population is under a lot of pressure to achieve what’s aesthetically acceptable. We’re told daily about how to dress, how to do our hair, how much should we weigh etc. If you’re not following the rules you run the risk of feeling inadequate. But it hasn’t always been like this. It was only 80 years ago that makeup started to be socially acceptable. Meaning that makeup wearing women went from “a lady of the night” during the early 1900’s, to being a cultural norm that’s been instilled in women from a young age. It’s a hyper-culture that dominates youtube, advertising and global markets. The Daily Mail reveals that 41% of women watch YouTube beauty videos or dedicated blogs. The makeup industry has grown rapidly and there’s no sign of it faltering.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that going outside without makeup on is like being naked for many women. Most of us have accepted it as a second skin; a shield to protect us from our own imperfections. After years of being conditioned to wear makeup and seeking confidence from it, who would want to stop wearing it now?

Fashion is a battlefield at times. It has the power to change your style from one month to another. If you have the body to change your boyfriend jeans for skinny ones or a face that doesn’t need to wear makeup, all well and good. But hey, what if you don’t feel comfortable with any of that? Here’s the problem: fashion should encourage us to feel beautiful through every season and with any trend. Not wearing makeup should become an acceptable norm and not just another hashtag or trend for the media to thrive off. In the end, it’s all about basics. And do you want to know the basis of any look? Self-esteem. That’s the ultimate must-have.

Of course, not wearing makeup has lots of positive effects on our skin. We can avoid problems such as infections, conjunctivitis, eyelash loss or dry skin. If you don’t feel like removing makeup from your life then why not maintain good skin hygiene instead. Remove makeup at the end of the day and thoroughly wash your face. Wipes just won’t cut it. Find a helping hand from tonics and micellar water – these remove impurities, tighten pores and leave you feeling fresh. Another tip is skin hydration. This is the best way to prep your skin for makeup and it helps it recover after using products that can be drying, especially around the delicate eyelid area.

It seems quite obvious but sometimes we forget about the importance of using good quality makeup. Investing in products that contain well-sourced ingredients are a powerful solution to better-looking skin. Expired makeup is something a lot of us tend to ignore. Check use before labels, smell them, or look for any changes in consistency or discolouration.

More women are seeking products with clearly specified roots of origin. This is really important as many places test on animals, or use artificial ingredients that are damaging to our skin and the environment. That’s why ecologic and natural brands are always a better choice even if it means paying a little bit more. Our final tip is taking care of your brushes and replacing them. Many of us keep using the same ones for months. Wash your brushes with warm soapy water or brush cleaning products on a weekly basis and avoid harmful infections and nasty outbreaks.

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Words by Alba Tarragó