Asma Docrat, the therapist and lash extension extraordinare behind Boudoir Beauty, is definitely a force to be reckoned with. In a matter of a few years, she has taken her brand and reputation as one of the fiercest and most well respected (as well as technically gifted) lash extension technicians from a temporary spot at a well known makeup brand’s studio based in West London, to her own delightfully kitsch and vintage inspired ‘boudoir’ based in Shoreditch, East London. Asma gave me her take on entrepreneurship, the beauty industry, and why she doesn’t pander to celebrity clients and their hangers on. 

The Beauty Industry has seen a proliferation in salons and technicians offering lash extension applications in recent years, it’s been one of the fastest growing areas of beauty services according to the industry magazine: Professional Beauty, however; there are horror stories (with the evidence) to back them regarding lash applications which have gone horrifically wrong. Asma, takes a no nonsense attitude towards service providers who want to maximise costs by cutting corners with this particular beauty service. According to her, she has taken on clients who were left with broken lashes, severe damage to the upper lash line and generally terrible experiences from poorly qualified and inexperience lash technicians. Her service is centred around a bespoke understanding of the look a client wishes to achieve, and then advising and gently guiding her clients to a look which may be more suited to their lifestyle. Her advice and bespoke lash services are well regarded and well respected in the London beauty scene. She has beauty PRs falling over themselves trying to get appointments, and an envious list of celebrity clients.


Asma’s approach to business in the highly competitive beauty industry is straight forward and admirable, she stresses that she doesn’t worry about competition from service providers who offer similar services at lower price points, she knows that dissatisfied clients will always return to her. Clients respect her professionalism, her appointments often run back to back and woe betide any clients who run late without good reason, it’s because of the quality of her service and application of her lash services in particular (Asma is a qualified beauty therapist in areas including waxing, laser treatment, manicures and pedicures and massage), that she can afford to be strict with clients. She treats all clients, irrespective of ‘celebrity,’ exactly the same, which is refreshing when you observe on social media channels, some beauty brands chasing celebrity endorsements. Treating everyone with equity is a really important value for Asma, and as a beauty therapist, she finds that the ‘therapy’ part of her service comes from her willingness to be available and to engage with all her clients on a personal 1:1 level; hence she’s well positioned to make the case: that most people have similar insecurities and issues.


In terms of her own self care: Asma is very protective of her time off, she feels that it’s important for women in business in particular to look after themselves. As someone who is regularly exposed to others’ physical and emotional traumas, it’s important for her to disengage routinely and to exercise the same self care that her clients are doing, when they come to her for her lash application and other beauty services. As a small business owner too, Asma has to manage her time effectively and has employed a front of house administrator to book appointments and to maintain her social media presence. There is a lot to be said for being protective of one’s time as a beauty therapist, as well as outsourcing/delegating those tasks which detract time away from what you enjoy doing the most.

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Farzana Rahmen